Ethics in Business and Sport
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The term ‘culture’ is often used to describe the ‘personality’ of an organisation.  It is that which embodies the essence and spirit by which the organisation operates and is being driven.

Whether referring to business in terms of profits, or to sport in terms of winning, the organisation’s culture will determine the longevity of its success.

The Advocacy Consulting Group (ACG) works with businesses and sporting groups to develop an organisational culture and structure which enhances all positive aspects of the enterprise concerned and minimises the risk factor from often preventable situations.

For us at ACG, values and ethical behavior becomes the cornerstone upon which sustained progress and prosperity are achieved.   Ethics is the bedrock upon which all of our relationships are built.  It’s about how we relate to our employers, our employees, our co-workers, our customers, our suppliers, our stakeholders, our communities and others.  It is about the quality of our product and, equally, the quality and strength of the connection we have with other human beings.